• Which kinds of pens will you recommend in your books?

We do not stipulate any type of pens to color in our books. It depends on your favorite pens as long as you feel comfortable and satisfied with the coloring process. 

  • Why are papers between your books not unified?

At our company, we understand the significance of coloring paper in your creative process and how it can impact your artwork. We are committed to continuously enhancing the quality of our paper to ensure your satisfaction. However, please note that our books are printed by a third-party manufacturer whom we recommend, but we do not have complete control over the process. To produce coloring books, a substantial amount of specialized paper is required, and our manufacturer endeavors to source the best paper available within their range.

  •  Would you mind if I use your artwork in my craft project?

Certainly! We appreciate your interest in incorporating our artwork into your project and would be delighted to see your final creation. However, please note that commercial use of our artwork is not permitted under our license agreement. We encourage you to review the full license agreement for more information. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Which types of topics are essential in your books?

At the present, we often focus on Mandala, Floral, Animal, Nature, Pattern, Horror, Midnight Garden, Midnight Forest, Sugar Skull, etc.

  • Would you mind if I redraw your artworks?

You can repaint our artworks without commercial purpose.

  • Can I discuss your artworks with other members in your community?

Yes! We encourage everyone to discuss enthusiastically in our community that is related to only our books.